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We bring you more apartments, more photographs, better customer support and better Amsterdam neighbourhood information. What’s more, we personally pledge to continue to listen to you and to maintain Amsterdam Housing superior reputation as the very best online apartment rental service in the Amsterdam downtown area.

We will email you the latest listings that matches your profile, instantly and automatically. Each Alert has a link to our website, so you can see any building pictures, interior photos, and street panoramas that we may have. That way, you’ll have a record of all your new listings including the important details.

We’ll talk to you about any apartment rental question you have; whether about your move, getting landlord approval, or about guarantors. Total Housing is the specialist in the Amsterdam rental marketplace.

Total Housing will have extensive knowledge of all situations and issues involving apartment rentals. We will always be fully qualified to help you with impartial and unbiased information in your search for the right apartment.

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